• Hi-Tech Prosthetics & Orthotics-Health

    Hi-Tech Prosthetics & Orthotics-Health

    Our mission is to provide quality care to the patients and help them attain the highest possible level of comfort, independence and activity. We are dedicated to bringing the latest technology, experience and unparalleled service to the communities we serve.
  • Parkwood Behavioral Health System

    Parkwood Behavioral Health System

    We are devoted exclusively to the care and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with psychiatric and substance abuse issues. For 25 years, we've served successfully served North Mississippi and the Mid-South region through the offering of comprehensive mental health services.
  • The Shot Nurse Immunization & Wellness Service

    The Shot Nurse Immunization & Wellness Service

    The Shot Nurse is an Immunization & Wellness Service dedicated to the well being of mid-southerners in the Memphis & Tri-state area. Our team of nurses provide convenient wellness services that prevent disease and improve one's quality of life. Our goal is to provide nursing services to the community and companies who occasionally need a nurse.


  • OrthoMemphis - Orthopaedics - Memphis, TN

    OrthoMemphis - Orthopaedics - Memphis, TN

    The OrthoMemphis division combines advanced technology, high quality patient care, and some of the region's top musculoskeletal specialists. Our Friday Night Football Clinic is open from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.
  • Family Cancer Center

    Family Cancer Center

    Family Cancer Center is a collection of community oncologists with various locations in Shelby County and the surrounding area.
  • Memphis Vein Center – Laser Vein Removal

    Memphis Vein Center – Laser Vein Removal

    At Memphis vein center we treat all types of vascular problems from the simple to very complex including varicose and spider veins, peripheral arterial disease and leg ulcers. Dr. Arcot and his medical team offer comprehensive treatment for all vascular conditions including arterial and venous diseases.
  • Methodist Healthcare

    Methodist Healthcare

    Methodist Healthcare is dedicated to the art of healing through our faith-based commitment to minister to the whole person. We collaborate with patients and families to provide the best care possible for everyone in our community. Watch our special Methodist Healthcare on air segments to learn more about common ailments to keep you and your family healthy.